Emotional Transitions

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We are excited to present a new sample pack emotional transitions.  These sounds quickly captures the emotional element of transitioning from bridge to chorus, intro to verse, or break down. Not only does this high quality pack contain transitions, but short pad like atmospheres which help in creating a feel to parts of a song, or fit right into a short company logo video, or can be used in game, film, and sound design!

We understand that sometimes a swell cymbal or bell tree is not very hard to find, but there are only a few samples out there that are CLEAN and different from all the boring samples. At our studio a we used real Neve and Neuman equipment running directly into protools, using light effects, advanced synthesizers, and real instruments. We bring a different flavor, texture, and emotion to those simple elements.

Some items used in Emotional Transitions

Some items used in Emotional Transitions

  • 30 High Quality .WAV sounds
  • 24 bit/ 44.1 khz for universal usability
  • Simple & complex elements
  • Key labeled where applicable
  • Tempo labeled where applicable

Instruments used in recording were;

-Korg Triton

-22 Splash cymbal

-Marc Tree

-Real shower and bath recording

-Breath recording

-Various wind chimes

-Chinese metal stress balls



-Access Virus

We know you’ll love this for film, media or for any music producers!!


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